National workforce capacity building in children’s mental health

The Parenting Research Centre is delighted to be part of a major new program to support clinical and non-clinical professionals who work with children at risk of mental health difficulties.

The program has been funded by the Australian Government.

Emerging Minds will lead the partnership delivering the program, which also includes the Australian National University, the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

'We are delighted to bring our experience working with families to the task of supporting professionals in improving mental health outcomes for children,' said Parenting Research Centre CEO, Mr Warren Cann.

'This project will drive systems change and transform workforce practices in order to make a lasting, tangible and positive impact on the lives of many children.

'Partnerships are the key to driving improvements in practice and we are delighted to be a partner in this game-changing project,' he said.

Read the media release issued by the Australian Government