Perceptions of parenting: further research

The 2016 report Perceptions of parenting by the FrameWorks Institute mapped the gaps between expert and public understandings of effective parenting.

FrameWorks will conduct further research to identify how to frame issues about parenting and parenting support in a way that resonates with both policymakers and the general public.

We have commissioned this research in partnership with New South Wales Government Department of Social Services and of Family and Community Services, Victorian Government Department of Education and Training, and The Benevolent Society.

The new research will investigate how to address public thinking about parenting and child development. It will look more specifically at how to build public understanding of effective parenting and support. It will also suggest practical guidelines on how to effect changes at a policy level that can better support parents in Australia.

Dr Nat Kendall-Taylor, FrameWorks CEO, recently gave a TedX talk on the processes used to investigate how people make decisions, and how understanding culture and behavioural science can be used to communicate complex issues and shape policy.