New National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health goes live

Emerging Minds: the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health is now live and available to support clinical and non-clinical professionals working with families dealing with child mental health issues. We’re excited to join the Australian Institute of Family Studies, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian National University as partners in this initiative, which has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

The Emerging Minds Workforce Centre website will act as a gateway to free evidence-based resources, information, news and innovative online training. The web hub will be updated regularly with new information and resources as materials and courses are in constant development.

A team of child mental health consultants will also work at a state and regional level to help organisations, team leaders and local champions use the workforce development learning products and resources it creates.

Emerging Minds recognises that the best way to support infant and child mental health is through early intervention and prevention. This is why the Emerging Minds Workforce Centre will focus on building the capacity and strength of the workforce – so professionals can better support parents, who in turn will support the mental health outcomes of infants and children.

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