Family-centred service delivery

Our work with the Victorian Government on the Streamlining Services initiative is now in progress. Using a family-centred, strengths-based approach, PRC-trained practitioners are helping vulnerable families and children, from antenatal to four years of age, reach their goals more effectively. To date we have trained 87 practitioners in the municipalities of Latrobe, Whittlesea and Yarra Ranges.

We are implementing a service model called Team around the Child (TAC), a more integrated and collaborative approach. TAC puts the family at the centre of service delivery and brings together a range of professional services to help each family meet its goals. At this early stage in the project, most TAC meetings are taking place in formal settings such as Maternal and Child Health premises. But some meetings are conducted in the family home, providing a more personal service and avoiding the need for transport and child care.

Anecdotal reports from families are confirming that they feel more engaged and in control, and are reaching their goals in a shorter time. Professionals have also reported that they are building stronger links with other agencies and have a better understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities.

An evaluation is currently underway and the next phase will involve finalising modes of data collection, continuing quality improvement, and gearing up to engage more families.

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SafeCare in NSW

The trial of the evidence-based SafeCare model is receiving positive feedback from the SafeCare international team and from home-visiting practitioners in New South Wales (NSW).

We are working closely with the SafeCare experts from the National SafeCare Training and Research Center (NSTRC) of Georgia State University, USA, to ensure the best level of support for the implementation of the model. SafeCare has been shown to significantly lower reports of child abuse and neglect in families where children are considered at risk of maltreatment.

The implementation of SafeCare is strengthened by our intermediary role. We are working with both local and central implementation teams to coordinate efforts with US SafeCare experts and to build accountable and responsible leadership. This effort equips practitioners to support parents in enhancing their interactions with children, keeping homes safe and improving child health.

This sense of cohesion has been made possible with an integrated effort from the many parties involved. This includes support from the New South Wales Government, commitment from the sites implementing SafeCare, and leadership from the Office of the Senior Practitioner of Family and Community Services (FACS) and regular contact from the PRC.

Our close contact with the implementation sites helps us work together to solve everyday problems on the ground.

Funding to train practitioners in SafeCare has been provided by the New South Wales FACS. The model is being implemented by practitioners from FACS in Batemans Bay and Penrith Community Service Centres, and from Wesley Mission’s Western Sydney Brighter Futures program.  

If you are interested in offering SafeCare in your organisation please contact the Parenting Research Centre.

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Like Father Like Son: survey

The University of NSW is inviting practitioners who deliver parenting programs to take part in a national survey exploring their experiences in working with fathers.

The findings of the survey, part of the Movember-funded Like Father Like Son project, will inform the development of online parenting support that aims to increase the participation of fathers in parenting programs, particularly fathers of children with behavioural problems, including tantrums, non-compliance, rule-breaking and aggression.

Who can take part?
Clinicians and practitioners in Australia who are delivering parenting programs or treatment for child conduct problems. Go to the survey now.

For more information please email Senior Project Leader Lucy Tully or phone (02) 9385 1697.

Working well with parents: a survey for educators

Share your experiences about working with families in early childhood education and care.

We invite early childhood educators to complete a short online survey. The closing date is Friday 18 December 2015.

Results will be used to help the Parenting Research Centre develop a practice support model that promotes more effective collaboration with families and training for educators.

You can take part if you are working with children aged 0-8 in any of the following services:

  • family day care
  • long day care
  • kindergarten
  • out-of-school-hours care.

Go to survey