Year in review 2015-16: Introduction

The Parenting Research Centre seeks better outcomes for children by increasing effectiveness and innovation in the way families are supported in their parenting.

Research shows that parenting is one of the strongest predictors of child development. It has a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of children in their early years, right through to adolescence.

The Parenting Research Centre seeks out, builds and applies the best evidence in parenting support to achieve better outcomes for children and their families. Our work with policymakers, service delivery agencies and practitioners helps deliver more effective parenting support that is built around the values and goals of families, and delivered by skilled practitioners.

When our clients invite us into their workspaces, we share a common goal to understand their current practice and to create new and improved pathways to help families. In this financial year of 2015-16 we have seen governments at all levels increasingly supporting evidence-based parenting support initiatives. Our clients are influenced by this policy direction and understand the imperative to continuously improve practice. Their challenge is to find, evaluate and apply evidence in real-world settings.

We are pleased that this current policy environment is aligned with our focus on supporting agencies to implement evidence-based practice in community service settings.

Our achievements in 2015-16 included:

Our achievements

We invite you to explore a full account of our achievements in the following pages:

You are also welcome to download our Financial Report for 2015-16.

We thank our passionate Board, our Human Research Ethics Committee members, and our Executive. We also thank our tireless staff and inspiring partners for their contributions to our achievements in 2015-16 and their shared commitment to helping parents raise happy, healthy children.

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