Cry Baby: managing baby sleep and crying

Cry Baby is an online interactive program that helps mothers and fathers understand their baby’s sleep and crying. The evidence-based strategies in Cry Baby are effective for managing sleep and crying in babies aged up to 12 weeks.

Cry Baby helps parents establish healthy sleep patterns for their babies, and manage the stress of their crying baby. It also provides information for parents on how to look after themselves.

The Parenting Research Centre trialled Cry Baby as an online program in 2013 and found that it is useful for parents with a variety of characteristics:

  • a broad range of education levels
  • low literacy skills
  • language other than English.

Cry Baby was adapted from the Baby Business program, a face-to-face intervention delivered by maternal and child health nurses. Results from our 2011 trial of Baby Business found that parents:

  • had reduced symptoms of postnatal depression
  • were less likely to spend greater than 20 minutes resettling their infant during the night
  • were less likely to change infant formula in an attempt to manage infant behaviour
  • had less doubt about their ability to settle their infant at bedtime
  • had less difficulty setting limits with their infant at bedtime.

Visit the online program: Cry Baby at Raising Children Network.

Partners: Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Funded by the Victorian Government.