Wanslea Family Services: implementing effective processes and procedures

The Parenting Research Centre has been working in partnership with Wanslea Family Services, Perth, since 2010. We help the agency implement evidence-based practices and programs that address the needs of the children and families they support.

With input from management level through to practitioner level, we have helped Wanslea change organisational processes and staff supervision procedures.

Our implementation specialist works within the organisation providing on-the-ground support.

As a result of our capacity building, practitioners are now highly skilled in the following:

  • delivering a structured service
  • conducting effective home-visiting sessions
  • collecting information on risk factors that can help them assess key indicators of outcomes for the families and children.

The organisation has also adopted a systematic analysis of key elements to enhance practice:

  • cross-organisational factors: data, administrative support, and policies and procedures
  • staff competency: selection, training and coaching
  • training in the use of appropriate assessment and case-planning tools
  • in-house coaching and supervision procedures
  • continuous quality assessment.

In our intermediary role, we help Wanslea regularly review its strategies to ensure that the implementation process stays on track and find solutions to the inevitable challenges that arise, such as changes in staffing, organisational factors and changes in the sector.