Healthy Start: helping professionals improve outcomes for children whose parents have learning difficulties

Healthy Start is a capacity building strategy that supports health and wellbeing outcomes for children whose parents have learning difficulties.

Healthy Start enhances the service system by providing practice support, delivering programs and creating resources to help professionals who work with parents with learning difficulties. The strategy also links research evidence with policy and practice to support better outcomes for families.

Since 2005, when Parenting Research Centre partnered with the University of Sydney to develop Healthy Start, we have supported over 2000 professionals working in the disability sector. We work with practitioners, managers, researchers and policymakers, helping them develop leadership skills and access information and resources about how to support parents.

In 2014, Healthy Start published two technical reports to inform the sector on the family, social and cultural circumstances of parents with intellectual disabilities in Australia:

  1. Estimated prevalence and living circumstances of parents with intellectual disability in Australia from selected national surveys
  2. The number and characteristics of parents with intellectual disability from Centrelink income support administrative data

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Healthy Start also offers evidence-based parenting programs and a wide range of resources (videos, webinars, DVDs) developed specifically for professionals.

Visit the Healthy Start website.

Healthy Start is a joint initiative between the Parenting Research Centre and the Australian Family and Disability Studies Research Collaboration, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney.