Doveton College: a whole-of-school approach to engaging parents in improving child outcomes

We worked with Doveton College in Melbourne, Victoria, from 2012 to 2015 developing a whole-of-school parent engagement strategy.

Doveton is one of the most disadvantaged areas in Melbourne and has a strong need to support parents in a school environment.

Parenting Research Centre team members were based in the school to help Doveton College staff:

  • develop strategies to increase parent engagement
  • improve child educational outcomes
  • prevent child behavioural issues.

A key feature of our involvement was helping staff develop more effective interpersonal skills.

Our implementation strategies were offered across all services delivered at the college:

  • child and maternal health service
  • family support services
  • early learning years
  • Prep to Year 9 students.

As part of our ongoing support, we designed new strategies and resources to meet the needs of staff and families at the college. This included delivering evidence-based programs, such as our Signposts program that helps parents manage the difficult behaviour of young children.

Funded by Doveton College.