The Parenting Research Centre has extensive experience working with government departments and non-government organisations on evaluating policy and program initiatives, services and programs.

Our evaluation work is informed by our experience in real-world contexts:

  • extensive knowledge of the service system, particularly in the child welfare sector
  • highly developed skills in the implementation of evidence-informed programs
  • high level of clinical and practice skills.

We use an 'implementation informed' approach to evaluation to ensure that data collection and analysis effectively inform program and service quality improvement, and ongoing organisational capacity in data-base management. 

We assist in this area by offering a mix of evaluation services, ranging from evaluation of small-scale single-agency interventions through to evaluation of national large-scale, multi-site and multi-partner initiatives.

Our track record in conducting program evaluations, large and small, demonstrates our capacity to respond to the evaluation needs of agencies, governments and program developers.