Parenting Research Centre expertise in implementation helps organisations improve their capacity to deliver evidence-based practices and programs that address the needs of the children and families they support.

Our implementation specialists support practitioners, organisations and governments to effectively implement evidence-based practices and programs in a sustainable way.

We use a range of research-based implementation frameworks and practice tools which focus on core components and support full and effective implementation.


We work with our clients in the following ways:

  • fully assess the context in which they are working to ensure that the program or practice fits that context
  • design implementation support strategies for practitioners, managers and administrators
  • develop ways to ensure implementation fidelity; that is, help clients deliver effective practices and programs as intended 
  • ensure the sustainability of implementation efforts
  • scale up successful programs and practices.

Consultation and support

We offer consultation and stage-based implementation support in the following aspects of a service:

  • an organisation’s decision to adopt a program or practice
  • the routine, appropriate and faithful use of that program or practice
  • specialised evaluation studies in program intervention and implementation, and implementation research
  • specialised support for the design of more effective services and programs
  • reviews and dissemination of current knowledge on all aspects of effective design and implementation
  • information and education resources for research, policy and practice communities on implementation science and its applications.