Practice design

Parenting Research Centre expertise in practice design allows us to collaborate with clients in adapting or developing evidence-informed interventions, programs and services that work in the local context.

Often government departments or agencies working with families ask us to recommend a practice or a program to assist with a particular need. When existing evidence-based solutions are lacking, or require substantial adaptation, our clinically experienced practice design team works alongside the client to understand the following kinds of issues:

  • the outcome being sought
  • what the evidence suggests will be effective to achieve that outcome
  • how the evidence can best be applied to the client’s particular setting and context
  • what might be required to build staff capacity in implementing the chosen intervention, program or service
  • what might be required to monitor the effectiveness of the chosen intervention, program or service.

Our practice design work is guided by our commitment to evidence-informed practice and our understanding of challenges faced by practitioners in their everyday efforts to support parents and families.