Research design and analysis

The Parenting Research Centre conducts applied research on a wide range of contemporary policy and practice issues.

In partnership with our clients, we:

  • define key questions
  • develop and test hypotheses
  • deploy rigorous research methods
  • provide decision makers (i.e. practitioners, organisational leaders and policymakers) with reliable data-informed answers.

Our research aims to build the evidence base for parenting interventions, programs or strategies applied in the family support, health, welfare or education sectors.

We are unique in terms of our capacity to combine integrated content expertise with research design, and statistical and econometric analysis.

Our research design specialists bring the following expertise to our work:

  • originate from diverse disciplines including psychology, public health and social welfare
  • have substantial expertise in epidemiologic, and social science research methods
  • employ a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches, based on the research question and scope of work.